How do I cancel my subscription?

You can cancel at anytime in your Account Settings. If you have any trouble, please email

Is there a suggested or average monthly price?

Please pay what feels right to you. A suggested price of $25 a month serves as an average. Keep in mind Dana is running this platform in good faith. If you are able to pay more, please consider it as a way to support the community and content and allow others to join.

What currency do I enter when naming my price?

All prices are in USD.

Do the videos have captions/subtitles?

Yes. Most of our video content is captioned. We’re continuing to caption all videos in English and other languages. If there is a particular video you’d like to see captioned please reach out and submit a support request.

Can I update the amount I pay monthly?

Due to tech/software resources (for now), you will not be able to update the amount you opt to pay. However, you can cancel your membership at anytime and sign up again if you feel you need to change your payment.

Can I turn the video captions on/off?

To turn closed captions on or off or to select another language click on the CC icon in the bottom right of the video. If you don’t see the CC icon then it means closed captions are currently unavailable for that particular video.

closed caption off/on and switch to other languages

What do I need to get started?

Just you! But, we do use these props throughout the videos and they are essential for accessibility:

  • bolster
  • 1-2 blocks
  • strap
  • blanket
  • yoga mat

Always feel free to DIY your props if you do not have access. Books can make for solid blocks, a scarf or tie can work as a strap, pillows and blankets work if you don’t have a bolster.

I highly recommend you practice on a yoga mat for stability and to create a practice space for yourself. If possible, try to avoid practicing on carpet as it can compromise the wrists. If a mat isn’t available – aim for solid/smooth floors and a blanket for padding when needed.

The video will sometimes stop or pause. How can I make it play properly?

Here is a quick little video showing you exactly where to find the small gear icon so you can adjust the playback to suit your internet connection. (this video has no sound)

What yoga mat are you using?

I use a Liforme mat. They’re a little longer and wider than traditional mats, and the grip is truly unbeatable. For my body and practice, both of those factors are game changers.

If you are going to buy one, feel free to use NOLATREES for a discount.

What kind of yoga classes are available?

Some examples of classes within the membership site:

Seated Chair Yoga

Beginner Yoga Flow

Beginner Posture Tutorial

Wrist Routine

Introduction to Restorative Yoga

Sirsasana / Headstand Prep

Chaturanga Tutorial

… and more 🙂

The library grows as the community does.

Can I buy a membership as a gift?

Yes! This option is available at membership checkout. You will need the recipient’s email address.

I’m pregnant, is it safe for me to do these classes?

Pregnant folk will most likely find these classes accessible and safe. Please avoid or be very mindful of inversions, arm balances, any postures where you might risk falling if you are new to yoga.

That being said, please consult your doctor, midwife, doula, support system, etc. or opt in to your own discretion. Also keep in mind that these classes are taught by someone in a larger body, with a belly that gets in the way (that’s me – Dana)! From an accessibility standpoint, these classes make space for bellies no matter why they are big/round/squishy.

How to update payment method or change payment information

When you login you want to stay on the dashboard and then click “my subscriptions” in the left hand sidebar… then “change payment
Scroll down on the “change payment” page and you’ll see where you can update your credit card information or which to PayPal. 

Can I download any of the content/videos?

As of now none of the content can be downloaded. You will need internet access to login to your account (no offline access). From there you can view any content within the site.

Can I cancel my subscription anytime?

Yes. Your subscription is month-to-month and you can cancel at any point in from “my account” > “subscriptions” account settings.