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I want to first off say thank you for having a platform that I can follow. There aren't that many large body yoga teachers and you are the reason that I started practicing over 10 years ago.
Thank you for helping me feel comfortable in my own skin
I’ve been following Dana for a while and wishing I could practice with her. Well, now I can! I also physically go to a yoga studio but this is super convenient for those days when it’s not possible or when I don’t want to get dressed!
I am pleased to be able to support us both in our lives and our practices with nothing between us but the internet. Your direction and explanations are clear and helpful. Your focus on the path and the practice vs. the end result is affirming. To see a body like mine doing beautiful poses is healing to the beautiful fat teenager I was but couldn’t see for all the body shaming and marketing hype of our culture. Thank you for your work.